My favorite Makeup primer for fall

I know that fall is only starting but the cosmetics industry launches so many new products, that I can say that I already have my favorite makeup primer that I’m obsessed about it.

favorite Makeup primerFirst of all, everything that I put on this list works for me, my skin type is combination. Since when I started to wear glasses my T zone gets extremely oily and with large pores, so I always prioritize to use products with a matte finishing or gel formula.

I can’t do my makeup without applying a good primer. I already heard from a few makeup artists that primer is not necessary all the time. I hate my makeup when I apply foundation without prepare my skin with moisturizer and primer. Sometimes when I don’t want foundation but want to make my skin to look good, I use a layer of primer, which gives a smooth and mate skin.

These are my currently favorite makeup primer and how I use them:

Smashbox – Photo Finish Foundation Primer, oil free, Pore Minimizing: Such a long name haha but this is my old favorite. I bought for use on my wedding day and since that I’m addicted. It’s a very thick cream that fill your pores giving a smooth base for apply foundation. I usually only apply this on my T zone.  When I want to wear a full coverage foundation or when I don’t feel like wearing foundation. I apply a layer and the mate finishing do the job, giving me a health and smooth skin.

Ofra, Cool as a Cucumber: This is a mix of primer and moisturizer. Is very light in the skin with a sticky finishing. It is not as heavy as the Smashbox. I use on my every day routine before apply something light to the skin like a BB or CC cream.

Becca, first light priming filter: I went to an event with Becca cosmetics and they gave a travel size of this primmer. At first it didn’t catch my eyes, because the formula is very thin and liquid, the opposite of the conventional primers that I was used to. But after take home and play with the product I become obsessed. It is violet which helps to camouflage the redness in the skin and very hydrating. If you have oily skin you can totally skip the moisturizer.

My favorite thing about this primer is the smell of lavender and how makes the skin feel fresh and luminous without look oily.  Also helps to reduce the pores, not like the Smashbox that totally make them disappear but reduce at the point that the foundation will look flawless.

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