2018 Couture & Cars – Seattle fashion beyond the grunge  

Last month I attended a local fashion show, the 2018 Couture & Cars showcasing designers from the Northwest region and cars from Lemay – America’s Car Museum, the whole show happened inside the museum creating a different experience and a fun mix for all kinds of taste. 

I have to say that when I think about Seattle fashion the first thing that pops in my mind is a grunge and hipster style. The designers showed a whole new perspective to Seattle fashion that goes beyond the traditional flannel in faded colors.  

Let’s get to the fun part and talk a little about the designers and show my favorite pieces.  

Chany Venturini  

I love how she plays with prints and textures creating pieces so glamorous and sophisticated. 

Dawnamatrix with Ann X Ann X Design 

This collection is literally out of the box. All the pieces are made with latex instead of the traditional fabric, giving the runway a mix of colors and sensuality.  

Designs by Thor  

With inspirations from the 80’s Thor created a line of blazers and suits, with a lot of colors and different silhouettes. It’s fascinating how he plays with fabrics and prints, taking the average piece to a whole new level.  

Heide Fish Swimwear  

Her patterns and tailored cuts offer many unique styles. She creates chic swimsuits that follows the latest trends in fashion around the world, with a sensual and glamorous final touch.  

Lisa Marie Couture 

This was my favorite line in the whole show. I’m a person who always falls for details- her creations have a lot of them, each one of her pieces are art on the runway.  


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